Wednesday, 13 April 2011

samsung dous d780 flashing with ufs( dual sim mobile)

samsung d780 has 2 sim slote  master sim & slave sim. download its flash file from support area of ufs hwk it has 2 diffrent flash file for each sim slote , first write master .cla & .tfs file then write slave .cla & tfs file.

steps here

step 1:  connect ufs box with computer with connect button
step 2:  go to om/swift tab & select d780 model
step 3:  choose .cla file & .tfs file in master then .cla & .tfs file for slave
step 4:  connect e210 cable with ufs
step 5:  click on write flash button & inset cable with out battery ur mobile will start boot & wait for write     both master & slave file in to ur set ( note: if u will try to flash mobile with battery ur mobile will not connect with ufs )


         before some days customer come to my shop with d780 it has software problem. when set turn on it show some err no on screen with red color font. customer first go to samsung service center but his problem not solve they give his set back after 4 days. then i write flash with above given process. & his set is ok within 20 minutes. ( note thet if u will try to flash with battery ur set will not boot, if u try 100 times but it will not boot with battery)
if any one have any problem to flash set or need flash file  add me in yahoo i will operate ur computer with teamviewer . my id


  1. MCU File: D780DXHF2_Slave.cla CRC32: BEFB8086
    TFS File: D780DXHF2_Slave.tfs CRC32: B4293435
    CFG File: D780DXHF2_Slave.cfg 513 byte(s)
    Preloader Ok, 921600 Baud
    Flashloader Ok
    FLASH Id: 00EC2206000100000034, Samsung KAP29WG00M (1G NAND)

    --- SLAVE ---
    FLASH Id: EC5222, Samsung K5L6532ATM
    BaudRate: 460800 Baud
    Bad Resp: 0xCD F7
    MCU Write Failed, at: 0x02000000

  2. Can the USB cable shipped with phone be used for flashing through UFs?